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A new kind of liberal guilt

The first few sentences I’ve teased out of my brain for tonight’s paper: I agree in large measure with Barry Goldwater’s political vision as expressed in his book, The Conscience of a Conservative—though admittedly, I was at first quite reluctant to express such an association with conservative principles. I agree with Goldwater’s principled stand in […]

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Another Sunny Day improvements

The damage done by the WordPress upgrade seems to be fixed. The sidebar should closely resemble what it looked like before, and images, video, and other media should now be showing up. In addition, users with accounts should notice that those work as before, and entries that were previously marked as Hidden will again be […]

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What a waste of a day

I woke up at 10:00 on what’s usually my day to sleep in, because FedEx said they’d be here between 10 and 2 to pick up my Apple stuff. I proceeded to wait around the house for three hours until the guy came. I watched Fog of War for my history paper. I did not […]

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YouTube Republican debate

I just watched some bits of the YouTube Republican debate. Interesting (and frustrating) on so many levels. It’s hard to know what’s actually reflective of America and the culture divide, and what’s CNN playing up the split and catering to a media-influenced caricature of the conservative Republican tradition, but the impression the viewer’s left with […]

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I can’t take it anymore!

Why can’t people keep their hands out of their pants in public? Ugh! I love how many people in this class jump to caricature the conservative position. “If conservatives think of both the fetus and the mother as human beings—as creations of God—how can they be so pro-war?” Ugh! And, why does it always start […]

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We are experiencing technical difficulties

I’ve just updated to WordPress 2.3.1. Not much looks new, but supposedly it’s more secure. And security is good! Either way, DreamHost somehow didn’t recognize that I’d originally installed WordPress using its installer, so I couldn’t upgrade it through their One-Click thingy. And now, some things are broken. Please be patient as I work to […]

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My sleeping mind works (overtime) at home

I had two ridiculous dreams last night.

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Some nifty Facebook integration for you!

I added the New York Times News Quiz app tonight because I wanted to show everyone how well-versed I am (and always have been) in current events. That quality is especially important when living inside the bubble at Wesleyan. But more to the point, I also came across a nifty Facebook app called Wordbook. It […]

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Tonight’s Internet adventures

For no particular reason, I decided to compile a rough outline of where I ended up going in my online adventures tonight. The trail is, uh, interesting.

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Thanksgiving Break thus far

Nothing of great interest has happened since I got home at around 10 o’clock on Tuesday night. Today I woke up late, went to the dentist, ran some errands, and lounged around the house doing nothing in particular. I was doing my laundry throughout the night last night—I had about three weeks’ worth of it, […]

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